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Make yourself at home – you’ll find all you want to know here about my novels and non-fiction books for adults and teenagers. My 5:2 Diet Book, Ultimate 5:2 Recipe Book, 5:2 Your Life and 5:2 Good Food Kitchen books have their own site, but stick around to discover more about my background, my writing tips, and my fiction, including The Secret Shopper books and the scary Soul Beach trilogy for teenagers. Plus my new book, A Batch Made in Heaven, is perfect if you love London and baking: one reviewer called it ‘comfort food in book form’ and I won’t argue with that!

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  • Final Batch Made in Heaven cover Nov 2014

    A Batch Made in Heaven out now

      I am very excited to announce my deliciously romantic novel, A Batch Made in Heaven, is out now! Is there a recipe for true love? Becca Orchard believes the ingredients are science, psychology and faultless date planning. It’s a formula that’s made …
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