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The right order!

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Quite a few people have popped up on the site lately after Googling ‘Secret Shopper Order’ (yes, I can tell what people have been Googling to get here – in many cases, you do NOT want to know).

Anyway, it made me realise it’s not at all obvious which order you should read the books in, if you want to treat yourself (!) to the entire Secret Shopper experience. So please listen to the following information to make your journey more comfortable and enjoyable:

Book Number 1: The Secret Shopper’s Revenge

Book Number 2: The Secret Shopper Unwrapped

And Book Number 3: The Secret Shopper Affair

I know they don’t match. But they are all very pretty, right?

That’s the end of my Secret Shopper in-flight safety briefing. Thank you for your attention and enjoy the ride.

Kate xx

Sunshine and flowers – publication day

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How on earth can it be paperback publication day for The Secret Shopper Affair already? And half-way through October. This year is going at super-warp speed.

I’ve written before about Post-Pub-Day blues. And the world is full of gloom and recessionary talk and stories about the death of the book.

But you know what? When I answered a knock at the door today and was handed some gorgeous publication day flowers, I realised yet again how lucky I am to be a writer. There is nothing better than being paid to make stuff up – and whatever happens to the format of books, human beings will always need stories in form or another.

So I am going back to my edits on the second Soul Beach with a spring in my step. Hope you’re having a happy autumn, too.

Kate xx