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Paperback Writer and her Kitten

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It’s official publication day for the paperbacks of Soul Beach – and I hope you’ll agree with the kitten that it’s every bit as stunning as the hardback!

New kitty has been with us for seven weeks and is fitting in very well. All writers need a cat, in my opinion, and so when we had to say goodbye to our beloved first cat, who died at the grand old age of sixteen, we went to the RSPCA to find a new furry friend. We debated waiting, but there was a fuzzy gap where a cat should have been.

There wasn’t a single meow on the way home in the car: perhaps she’d had enough of her two boring brothers. She was incredibly confident and curious right from the start, though her attempts to climb the wisteria have been nipped in the bud (I am not posting a picture of my poor scratched forearms: this cat has very sharp claws).

So I am cracking on with the third and final book in the Soul Beach trilogy – when I’m not playing hunting games with Ms Pointy Whiskers. You so do NOT want to be a ping-pong ball in our house. Actually, I must say her devastating killer instinct is proving quite helpful as Alice and the murderer play the deadliest game of cat and mouse.

I am also mulling an idea I am very excited about for my next ‘adult’ book – though it’s not that kind of adult book. I’m just not a Shades of Grey kinda girl (except when it comes to tabby cats).

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