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The Boot Camp, stationery fest & free e-book news!

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My, what a busy few weeks! First the publication of Soul Fire, and now this week, The Boot Camp hits the bookstores… you can read all about my own personal ordeal by boot camp in this article, and check out the first chapter, too.

It was lots of fun to write but it also touches on the feelings so many women I know have about their body image and weight… I’d love to know what you think.

To celebrate, I treated myself to stationery – it’s the number one author fetish, don’t you know! – in the form of some lovely coloured gel pens from Muji.

My second present to myself was … tea towels. Maybe that sounds like the world’s dullest gift but I’ve found a great company that turns them into noticeboards. Watch this space.




I also did my Virgin Trains Writer in Residence stint, completing a short story on the return journey between London and Penrith. I must confess I did then do some editing in the few days that followed – I always say to writing students that I believe the real work comes when you’ve finished the first draft – and had a blast getting inspiration through the train window in First Class (with the aid of a single glass of white wine which, at lunchtime, always has triple the effect).

The story – Brief Encounters – will be published as a free ebook later this month and I hope to reveal the cover next week. Also coming next week are the results of my women’s fiction survey so if you contributed, then keep an eye out for that. I’ve been fascinated by the results and I hope you will be too!

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