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My 3 biggest fasting surprises!



It’s my 3rd “fastiversary” today– that’s three years since I started intermittent fasting. I’m doing lots of stuff over on the 5:2 website, but on here, I wanted t0 share some more personal stuff that I hope might make you smile… and scroll down to ENTER our four latest FAB giveaways!

It’s been an amazing a three years – from losing over 2 stone/28lbs/13kg in weight, dropping from a UK size 16 to a 10/12,  and writing four books. But here are three things I’d never have believed back on August 9 2012…Kate's before and afters

  • That a lifelong yoyo dieter would turn into the world’s most unlikely amateur diet guru… so after three decades of yo-yoing weight, and despair, I not only love intermittent fasting, but I’ve also published four books, run a Facebook group with 43,000+ members and had emails from hundreds of people who, like me, have changed their lives!

5 2 4 books image.jpg

  • That I’d happily run 5K on an empty stomach without being under threat of death… I do actually simulate the treat of death, using the Zombies, Run, app, but I actually enjoy it. And I definitely run better, with less stomach gurgling, on the morning after a fast day. And running before breaking a fast also promotes fat-burning!


  • That I’d still be a healthy weight after 3 fab years, despite my cocktail, cake and buttered toast habits… every dieter knows maintaining a weight loss is way, way harder than losing it in the first place. On 5:2 my weight has only varied by a maximum of 4lbs, always well under the BMI guidelines, and my favourite clothes always fit. I know I can quickly correct any over-eating, and no food (even buttered toast) is banned. No wonder this is my favourite necklace – a gift to myself on my first fastiversary!

Cake pendant Kate Harrison


If that’s inspired you, and to discover more about my journey and my 5:2 books, head on over to the 5:2 site… 

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Fast Day Survival Guide!

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August 2015 has marked my third 5:2 ‘Fastiversary’ – and to mark the end of my third year of feeling healthy & slim doing 5:2 Intermittent Fasting, I brought together top tips for your family, friends and colleagues for managing Fast Days – especially those important first one or two! Do share – I hope it brings a smile of recognition to your face!


Much more on #fastfest over on the 5:2 site! And you can read about my personal experiences – and the three biggest surprises I’ve had from fasting – here.

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