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3 ways to meet deadlines without FREAKING OUT

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It’s the end of the first month of January – and I have not given up booze, dairy or moaning. I didn’t even bother trying. But I did – as you’ll know if you’ve downloaded my guide to having a fab year planner – set myself positive goals – including mini goals for each month. To be finished by the last day of the month which is… whoops… today. I found my list and


  • I was one gym trip short of my very unambitious goal of 8 (thanks to a bad cold, a few days on holiday, my birthday and general idleness)
  • Had no blog posts drafted for this site
  • Had only made contact with 1 of the 3 people I wanted to network with

The ones that got away

There were also two that I realised weren’t sustainable for me – reading every single day (I’ve decided to count audiobooks for next month and will try again) and writing fiction every day. The latter was intentional: it was my birthday and we went on holiday and I decided not to make myself work on those 6 days. Instead I read and relaxed…

But what of the others? No excuses. And I had – at 8am – 16 hours left. Could I do it? I was going to give it a good go.

From Panic to Challenge…

I got stuck in:

  • Emailed person 2, and realised I’m not ready yet to contact person 3 so instead, I’m going to start the work today that I need to do before contacting them.
  • Came back, scribbled this 3rd post idea down (go me, exceeding expectations).
  • Went to the gym and pondered the others (sorry to the man who tried to chat to me on the cross-trainer – I was in a world of my own). High-fiving myself, baby!
  • Made myself a black coffee, and scribbled down 3 blog ideas I’ve been mulling and wrote bullet points about 2 of them.

I won’t lie. I’m feeling smug. But I wouldn’t have got anywhere near this far without the looming deadline.  So here’s what I’ve learned about meeting (or at least trying to meet) your deadlines.

3 ways meet deadlines without freaking out








Start, even if you’re worried you won’t finish… you might surprise yourself!

Set a clock and work at double-speed (you can correct errors later, once you’re feeling good about achieving your goal – obviously not applicable if you’re a heart surgeon, airline pilot or similar…)

Swap a goal that seems trivial for an urgent, important one (but commit to it 100%)

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