For Writers

When I was starting out, I spent hours reading author websites, looking for tips and stories about how to get published. So, it seems only fair to return the favour with a Writers’ Section of my own.

If you want to know about my publication story, then you can read The Diary of an Unpublished Novelist Aged 33 & ¾.

If you’re starting out in fiction, or unsure which story you want to tell, then my Advice on Writing page is for you. The next stage – looking for representation – is covered by the Advice on Agents section. It should be subtitled Agents are Human too…

I offer consultancy and mentoring to a small number of writers each year – as well as working on manuscripts, I love helping you to develop an idea, or refine your pitch to agents – or readers, if you’re going indie. Discover how I can help you with your novel or non-fiction proposal.

I’ve also got a resources section, with recommended books and web links. I do run workshops and courses so you can click on Courses and Events to find out more.

Happy reading – and writing!