2013: What a year…

Dear reader,

I start with my now traditional apology for being hopeless at keeping up to date with my news. But, honestly, what a year it’s been… why? Well:

I’ve had five books published this year! They are: The Boot Camp, The 5:2 Diet Book, The Ultimate 5:2 Recipe Book, Soul Storm (the final book in my Soul Beach series) and, only this month, 5:2 Your Life.

Ultimate 5 2 recipe thumbnail 5 2 original thumbnail  5 2 your life thumbnail


I also had my Soul Beach books launched in Germany and Poland,

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and had lots of great responses to my experiences in the Boot Camp!

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I’ve not had time to work on a new novel this year, though I’ve written lots of short stories (including one set in my beloved Barcelona for the Sunlounger anthology – which led to the most amazing photoshoot – see the photo of me looking very unlike myself)!

Kate Sunlounger

Plus I’ve worked on articles and given interviews about 5:2 and life in general for newspapers and magazines – I even appeared twice on Australian TV and in a South Korean documentary. Meanwhile, our lovely 5:2 Facebook group grew from half a dozen mates last summer, to almost 15,000 to date! And that keeps me very busy indeed.

5 2 screen grab Nine

On the home front, it’s been insane, too, with all the usual highs and lows (oh, and a new kitchen). Except this year, the lows took us to rock bottom and the highs were truly intergalactic. I’d like a quieter 2014, please, though the last few months especially have made me very grateful for each day, and each moment of happiness.

Plans for 2014: more time to get back to fiction, my first love, alongside developing more recipes and ideas for our 5:2 community. We kick off in January with a 5:2 Your Life-athon, more details soon! And this website will be getting a makeover, too.

In the meantime, thanks to everyone who has been in touch with me, who has reviewed my books, who has joined in the fasting journey – you make such a difference. I wish you a very happy festive period, and all you dream of into 2014,

Kate x



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One Response to 2013: What a year…

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi Kate.
    Love your stunning vintage look.

    Really excited about 2014 as I am newly inspired by your story (of your first book) and am going to do something incredible with my writing this year. :) (About time, some may say)

    Have a smashing year and all the best.