A crazy year – and exciting plans for 2015!

Well, hello there!

How has 2014 been for you so far? It’s been another crazy year for me: and while I’ve been tweeting lots, I hang my head in shame at the lack of blog updates! Here are some of my excuses:

The dog ate my homework… um, my time. Yes, we got a puppy and she’s adorable, but she’s swallowed all my free hours, and chewed through two laptop cables so far. Say hello, Vesper (we named her after the Casino Royale cocktail/James Bond girl).

Vesper surprised

  • Soul Beach books 2 & 3 came out in Germany and I’ve had so many lovely responses from readers: thanks so much if you’ve been in touch! I still think these are my favourite covers of all time…
German soul each cover
  • I went on the Lorraine Kelly show on ITV to talk about 5:2!
Kate on Lorraine
  • I went to Australia and Singapore and had the most amazing time and so many gorgeous meals (and I shifted the weight within a couple of weeks of returning: the magic of fasting again).  And I absolutely loved the country, the people I met, and the coast… This is the edge of the Queensland coast seen from a sea-plane… just WOW!

2014-04-22 10.37.27

  • I also to New York City with gorgeous author Rowan Coleman – it was simply wonderful, she’s a great travelling companion. And her utterly heart-breakingly brilliant novel, Richard and Judy pick, The Memory Book, is being published in the US next year as The Day We Met. I predict it’s going to be HUGE.
2014-12-03 09.37.17
  • I published a new version of 5:2 Your Life – and I cooked like a demon through the year to get my new book, The 5:2 Good Food Kitchen ready – and it’s published today. Am thrilled at how it’s turned out, though it’s a monster of a book at 392 pages.

5.2 Good Food Kitchen

Final Batch Made in Heaven cover Nov 2014

Overall, it’s been an amazing year – with a few downs I won’t mention because I’m in celebrating mode – and I’m also looking forward to 2015: I plan to squeeze in more time for writing fiction, which was my first love, alongside the wonderful times I’m having with 5:2. I hope your year has been great, too, and I look forward to seeing more of you next year!

Whatever you’re doing, I wish you a wonderful festive period and an incredible 2015.
Kate xx
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