A (very nice) telling off & another new book

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Well, that’s been a rollercoaster of a six months… but there’s no excuse for not updating my news section sooner, so thanks to the email from Chris who asked if I’d given up? This is the only way to prove I haven’t.

This has, so far, been the year of 5:2 – if you don’t know what I’m talking about, take a look at my new, other website, the5-2dietbook.com. In the last news entry, I talked about how we’d published the ebook version in November and it was selling well. In January it began to do really, really well and now there’s a print edition which was in the Sunday Times bestsellers.

Plus, I’ve fulfilled a lifelong ambition and written a cookery book! I’ve always loved food but obviously as I am not a trained chef, writing a recipe book didn’t seem a very likely prospect. Then when people on the 5:2 forum and Facebook group began asking for one, it seemed like a great idea.

It was MUCH harder work than I’d imagined. No Nigella-style sashaying around the kitchen dipping manicured fingers in double cream: a) there’s no room to sashay in my kitchen and b) a diet recipe book doesn’t really call for double cream.

But it was fun, and a labour of love, and even if I did almost go mad with the calorie-counting, it was worth it. The Ultimate 5:2 Diet Recipe Book has just been published in the UK.

We’ve also been talking to lots of publishers outside the UK, and The 5:2 Diet Book is going to be published in many other countries, including the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Greece, Finland, Denmark, South Korea, Russia, Taiwan and China! I’ll definitely post the covers when I have them.

And meanwhile, I am still loving the 5:2 life. I am down to my lowest, healthiest weight in years but loving the fast days as much as the feast days. Which can’t be bad…

Fiction-wise, the novel I was writing when 5:2 all began is still ongoing, and now the cookbook is out there, I am returning to the book with a new passion. More news soon. And, the final, scary installment of the Soul Beach trilogy, Soul Storm, is coming out in August. Can Alice discover who killed her sister without before the killer strikes again?

How’s that, Chris?

Kate x

3 Responses to A (very nice) telling off & another new book

  1. Maureen Holmes says:

    I have just finished your 3 Secret Shopper books.
    I have loved them, thank you.
    Just to let you know what a wide range of readers you have, I’m 74 years old and live in Perth Western Australia.
    Loved those books.

  2. Helen says:

    Hello Kate, I have just finished reading your latest 5:2 book and recipe book. You are really ‘talking my language’ when you say how you felt being overweight. I – like many other have ‘dieted’ for years and years and tried everything and to say I am mightily sick of it is the understatment of the century! I am still at the stage of ‘can I do this?’… but certainly think I will give it a go.
    Now one thing to take you to task on!!! I wandered about the supermarket yesterday looking at several of the food items you mentioned here and there – soups etc, and my heart sunk extremely low when everything I looked at was way over the 500 calorie limit for the fast days. Even the Weight Watchers meals were all well over the limit. I started wondered where on earth you were finding these products. (I am in NZ)
    On the way home it suddenly dawned – thank heavens!! – we talk in kilojoules here and in Aust so no wonder everything was so high. There are 4 kj to every calorie so by my reckoning 500 calories equates to 20000 kj daily limit. Now my grump is – why oh why when your books are being sold around the world aren’t both the calories and kj displayed beside everything?? I wonder how many others have fallen into this trap? Some people if they are not thinking will be trying to exist on 500kj (125 cal) – an extremely low amount and of course may not stick to the ‘diet’. I just cannot fathom why this wasn’t considered as many other countries use kjs as well. To me it is a real oversight and I will have to go thru the books converting everything I might want to try/use.
    Has anyone else commented on this? – I don’t use Twitter or Facebook so not aware of other comments.
    Look forward very much to your reply!

  3. KateHarr says:

    Dear Maureen and Helen,
    Apologies for not responding to your comments before, I’ve been writing and then there were various family emergencies, so I’ve been away from my desk!
    Maureen, lovely to hear from a reader in Perth – I long to come to Aus one day! Maybe next year? So glad you enjoy the books.
    And Helen, fab to hear from you in NZ, another place I really want to visit. You’re actually the first person to comment on that, I am really sorry it was so confusing. I will see about having a note of explanation put into the next editions, thanks so much for pointing it out! It’s something I’d have expected the copy editor perhaps to pick up on but I will get it looked at for future editions and books.
    Thanks again and hope you’re getting on well…
    Kate x