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I’m a huge fan of taking time each year to look at the high – and low – points of the previous year, and to plan for lots of great times in the coming year… it’s not about resolutions you’ll break in week 1, but about allowing yourself to dream about what will make you and those close to you happy…



For the last few years, I’ve had a short guide to what I do on my 5:2 website, but I’ve expanded that to add inspiring new material, including my own goals, plus 6 new worksheets. And it’s free to download. I’ve used this approach to help me write books, lose weight, move to a new country and much more besides…

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PS: I do the 5-steps in the quiet time after Christmas, but you can start at ANY time of year.

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3 Responses to Have a brilliant 2019 with my FREE e-book

  1. Dawn says:

    Looking forward to a healthy, leaner, stronger and happier 2018! Thank you for what you do.

  2. Linda Thomas says:

    How do I get the e-book? I am already a subscriber and cannot see how to download it.