Make your dreams come true 2016

1How would you like to make this coming year the best it can be? I have a free guide to help you, whether you want to write, create, travel or realise your dreams…

I’m a huge fan of taking time each year to look at the high – and low – points of the previous year, and to plan for lots of great times in the coming year… it’s not about resolutions you’ll break in week 1, but about allowing yourself to dream about what will make you and those close to you happy…


For the last few years, I’ve had a short guide to what I do on my 5:2 website, but this year I’ve added lots of new inspiring material, and I’m offering it as a free 18-page e-book download here on my site, because I think it’s useful whatever you dream of. I’ve used it to help me write books, lose weight, move to a new country and much more besides…


For your FREE copy, all you need to do is to sign up for my newsletter, which has lots of information about books, dreams and creative thinking. I only send it a couple of times a year – you can unsubscribe after downloading the book of course! You’ll have to confirm via email and then I’ll send you the link to get the book AND a free fiction special too.

PS: I do the 5-steps in the quiet time after Christmas, but you can start at ANY time of year.

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22 Responses to Make your dreams come true 2016

  1. Gilly says:

    Hi Kate I have tried to download your free book but for some reason I’m having problems – maybe you could help me



  2. Jo Over says:

    Just a quick thank you for changing my life. I have been on every diet going since my son was born 52 years ago (my excuse for being overweight). Your supportive books and facebook page have shown me how to lose and change my way of life. thank you and wishing you every success in anything you do. xx

    • KateHarr says:

      Dear Jo, what a lovely message to start 2016 with – you’re a sweetheart, and I am so happy to read how you’ve managed to make YOUR dreams come true. Hope this year brings you lots of fun and great times.
      Kate x

  3. Becky says:

    Hi Kate,
    Can I get a copy of your new publications please? I cant seem to find a way as I am already subscribed to your list (though i dont think I get your newsleeters?
    Thanks Becky

    • KateHarr says:

      Hi Becky, the link will be in the subscribers’ newsletter I’m sending next week, but for now, I’ll email it to you direct!
      Kate x

  4. I look forward to reading your newspaper

  5. Jacqueline says:

    Hi Kate
    I can’t access the book either. I have filled in my details above but haven’t received the link. I have your Ultimate 5:2 recipe book & have found it really helpful. Have gained 3lbs over the festive period so back on strictly 5:2 next week accompanied by a dry January. (Like Jo I am still carrying ‘post-baby fat’ & have done for the last 40 years but 5:2 is shifting it) Please keep on inspiring us. Jackie

  6. Kim says:

    Hi Kate
    Can’t seem to download the exciting free book as it says I am already a subscriber. Which I am! Love 5.2 it’s changed my life! Had same problem trying to download your free stories last year kept telling me I was a subscriber already…… Probably me doing something daft! Not been on 5.2 FB page for a while need to get back into it for 2016. Have been cheating a bit as I’ve not been well but only put on a few pounds still keeping to the overall principles. Hope you and your partner are well. All the best for 2016. Kim X

    • KateHarr says:

      Hi Kim, thanks for the message – just emailed the book to you, hope you enjoy it. Oh, and will also send on the story book. Generally you have to follow the link I sent you in the joining email? But glad you’ve had such fab results with 5:2, I’m looking forward to my first proper fast of the year tomorrow!
      Kate x

  7. Eleanor says:

    Hi Kate
    Can’t thank you enough for this 5 2 diet
    Have lost almost 10 kgs
    Have put on a little over Christmas but back onto it now
    Can’t wait to see the scales in another couple of weeks
    Wearing clothes I had given up on!

    • KateHarr says:

      Dear Eleanor,
      I’m so happy to read this – that’s a great result. I often put on a few pounds over December but I hope you’ll find it lovely and easy to lose it again. Happy New Year!
      Kate x

      • Eleanor Oleary says:

        Thanks Kate so very much for all your inspiration
        I have found the 5.2 the easiest to cope with and know the next day I can eat normally but I make sure I don’t overindulge. 5.2 has made a huge difference to me and know I can keep it up
        Thanks a million once more
        Now heading for my next goal weight and don’t mind getting on the scales so much anymore!

        I am getting so much joy of being able to wear clothes I couldn’t. Encore I started and am feeling so positive and very happy with my life

  8. Sue says:

    Hi Kate
    wishing you a hapy and healthy 2016.
    I too, am having trouble downloading your Ebook:
    Make your dreams come true.

  9. Abby says:

    Hi – also unable to download and am subscribed. Would very much appreciate your help. Many thanks and happy New year

  10. Jennifer Kemp says:

    Happy New Year Kate…I’m also a subscriber and can’t seem to get a copy of your New Year book. So glad I found 5:2 in November last year…it’s working! Yay!
    Jenni x

  11. Jennifer Kemp says:

    Happy New Year Kate…I’m another subscriber who cannot seem to down load your ebook…so glad I found 5:2…it really works!

  12. Annelle says:

    Hi I have made chicken and vegetable soup and green curry paste from scratch. Just wondering about the calorie count on both. With the curry would it just be weight of meat??

    • KateHarr says:

      Hi there Annelle, it does depend a little bit on how oily the green curry paste is. Spices are actually quite high in calories but because we don’t use much of them, they tend not to add to the count very much. I’d count any oil and also any coconut milk as that’s high in fat/calories (though utterly delicious). Perhaps allow 30 cals per teaspoon for the curry paste if it contains oil and spices, and just be fairly sparing. Sounds yummy! Kate