Fear of change…

There’ve been lots of changes on Planet Harrison lately. New website, new house, and a brand new book about to be published.


It’s fair to say that the feline member of the household – she’s sixteen, which in cat years works out at about a hundred, I think – doesn’t respond terribly well to new places and new people (or new cats, come to think of it).

In contrast, I do like to shake things up a bit, but there’s been too much even for me recently. I love our new home but we’ve moved three times in the last couple of years (including to a different country and back) and have had enough of boxing things up and unpacking them.

The whole effort of working out where the scissors are, which kitchen cabinet should take the mugs, and how the washing machine works, seems to sap the energy I need for writing. But luckily the move has coincided with a writing hiatus, while my two fab editors consider my two latest manuscripts: My Big Fat Boot Camp, and Soul Beach Book 2. I suspect I will be getting the editorial notes on both of those very soon so I’d better got those cupboards sorted in doublt-quick time.

Other changes are afoot, including publication of Soul Beach in less than two weeks – I am nervously awaiting the reactions, but there’ve been some very positive reviews on the blogs so I hope they’ll continue. Plus, I also have a new cover look for the paperback of The Secret Shopper Affair.

You might already have seen this cover on the Chick Lit Reviews site, where it’s fair to say that the comments haven’t been, um, universally positive. I’ve seen the proofed up version and it’s VERY vibrant and funky and I hope some of the commenters might feel differently when they see it, and the versions which are being designed for the first two books in the series. A change like this always makes an author – and a publisher – nervous so I am keeping everything crossed.

Except my fingers. It’s very hard to type with crossed fingers, after all…




One Response to Fear of change…

  1. meg sanders says:

    i absolutely CAN’T WAIT to read Soul Beach – and when I do eventually get my mitts on a copy, you know there’s going to be quite a tussle here over who gets to read it first! xxxxxxxxx