#firstdraftblues – the scary truth

I’m currently working on my first novel since I was distracted by the joys of writing about 5:2 dieting… and oh, it’s been a rollercoaster! So I thought I’d share the truth about my first draft, which I’ve just finished. Writing tutors – including me – often urge you to ‘get the words down’ because then you can edit it and improve it, rather than keep tweaking the beginning and never actually finishing the story. The very technical term for this a ‘sh*tty first draft’…

sh-tty first drafts Twitter from www.kate-harrison.com

But you know what, despite the doubts, this moment feels GOOD. I’m looking forward to getting stuck in, to do the dirty work and hopefully come out the other end with something that lives up to the excitement and promise I felt when I had the spark of my idea, way way back.

Are your first drafts this bad? Do share your #firstdraftblues in the comments section!





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