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Make your dreams come true 2016


How would you like to make this coming year the best it can be? I have a free guide to help you, whether you want to write, create, travel or realise your dreams… I’m a huge fan of taking time …
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Writing Conference & Gift ideas

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Well, my agent currently has my new novel, and I’m waiting for her final suggestions, but in the meantime, I’ve been working with chums here in Brighton on our FIRST ever Beach Hut Writing conference, happening on March 12 2016. …
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Block Friday frees up your time!

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block friday

    I had a bit of a eureka moment today when I checked my inbox to find 40+ pointless Black Friday offers from companies I never use. No, I don’t want 20% off or 3 for 2s on: Dyson …
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Online Writing Course Survey


Can YOU help? We want to design fantastic online writing courses that offer the support you need to make your writing even better. The courses will be led by published authors who really understand what readers and publishers are looking …
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New: Beach Hut Writing Academy

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Beach hut academy logo

I love this time of year for making fresh starts – and if you love writing, now is the perfect time to devote some time to your passion.  Because I’ve joined some fab authors to create a brand new academy aimed at …
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#firstdraftblues – the scary truth

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sh-tty first drafts Twitter from

I’m currently working on my first novel since I was distracted by the joys of writing about 5:2 dieting… and oh, it’s been a rollercoaster! So I thought I’d share the truth about my first draft, which I’ve just finished. …
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My 3 biggest fasting surprises!

Kate's before and afters

  It’s my 3rd “fastiversary” today– that’s three years since I started intermittent fasting. I’m doing lots of stuff over on the 5:2 website, but on here, I wanted t0 share some more personal stuff that I hope might make you …
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Fast Day Survival Guide!

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August 2015 has marked my third 5:2 ‘Fastiversary’ – and to mark the end of my third year of feeling healthy & slim doing 5:2 Intermittent Fasting, I brought together top tips for your family, friends and colleagues for managing …
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Download FREE 40-page Storybook

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I always loved the special editions of my favourite magazines when I was a teenager – the ‘summer specials’ – so I thought it’d be fun to create A FREE 40-PAGE DOWNLOADABLE STORYBOOK as a thank-you for my subscribers. Ta da! …
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Spring-time in Brighton

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2015-04-09 09.31.18

I love living by the seaside – I have a feeling I might have mentioned that before! The sky and sea are so changeable and when the sun shines – as it is doing today – you feel as though …
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