Reader Survey 2012 – what do you think of UK Fiction?

Here’s a chance to have your say about the novels you read – definitely not just mine!
There’s been a lot of negativity lately about the ‘death of books’ or ‘the end of reading’ – the theory goes that we’re all too distracted by Facebook or games to get lost in a great book.
As a reader- and a writer – I hope that’s not true. So I decided to find out more about what we’re reading, via this new survey.
I’m working with the Romantic Novelists Association (, whose members write an astonishing variety of novels, including many that might not strike you as immediately ‘romantic’. What we have in common is the love of story-telling, whether it involves vampires,vamps or Victorian heroines.
We’d really like to hear your views – and your answers will help authors, booksellers and publishers to understand how your choices and tastes are changing.
Do  forward the survey to any of your book-loving friends or family members.I’ll post the results this summer.
Click here to take part now!

One Response to Reader Survey 2012 – what do you think of UK Fiction?

  1. Terri says:

    Great fun. I find british humour better than our canadian stuff for the most part.