My 3 biggest fasting surprises!


It’s my 3rd “fastiversary” today– that’s three years since I started intermittent fasting. I’m doing lots of stuff over on the 5:2 website, but on here, I wanted t0 share some more personal stuff that I hope might make you smile… and scroll down to ENTER our four latest FAB giveaways!

It’s been an amazing a three years – from losing over 2 stone/28lbs/13kg in weight, dropping from a UK size 16 to a 10/12,  and writing four books. But here are three things I’d never have believed back on August 9 2012…Kate's before and afters

  • That a lifelong yoyo dieter would turn into the world’s most unlikely amateur diet guru… so after three decades of yo-yoing weight, and despair, I not only love intermittent fasting, but I’ve also published four books, run a Facebook group with 43,000+ members and had emails from hundreds of people who, like me, have changed their lives!

5 2 4 books image.jpg

  • That I’d happily run 5K on an empty stomach without being under threat of death… I do actually simulate the treat of death, using the Zombies, Run, app, but I actually enjoy it. And I definitely run better, with less stomach gurgling, on the morning after a fast day. And running before breaking a fast also promotes fat-burning!


  • That I’d still be a healthy weight after 3 fab years, despite my cocktail, cake and buttered toast habits… every dieter knows maintaining a weight loss is way, way harder than losing it in the first place. On 5:2 my weight has only varied by a maximum of 4lbs, always well under the BMI guidelines, and my favourite clothes always fit. I know I can quickly correct any over-eating, and no food (even buttered toast) is banned. No wonder this is my favourite necklace – a gift to myself on my first fastiversary!

Cake pendant Kate Harrison


If that’s inspired you, and to discover more about my journey and my 5:2 books, head on over to the 5:2 site… 

13 Responses to My 3 biggest fasting surprises!

  1. Loraine Francis says:

    I love the 5.2 but am not doing well at the moment

  2. suewhite says:

    I do not have or want a twitter account so why is it that to enter the comps I have to have a twitter account. love this WOE though

    • KateHarr says:

      Hi Sue – you don’t have to have one, that’s just one option – there are 4 ways to enter, they should show as options! Glad you love 5:2!

  3. suewhite says:

    I do not have or want a twitter account so why is it that to enter the comps I have to have a twitter account. love this WOE though

  4. Paola says:

    Happt fastiversary! The only thing I find odd is the running on empty – how do you manage?
    I did try running the morning after a fast day – I hit the wall at 8 km… If I run the morning after a normal day I can go for about 12-15 k just on a banana before I start, and water during the run , but If I have fasted the day before no way!

  5. Milanda Methven says:

    Hi, looking forward to getting started again, I know I can do it, I just need to knuckle down. Although I’d prefer not to have anything posted on my FB account. I don’t think I really want my diet to be shared. M

    • Ginette says:


      It is a closed group so your normal Facebook friends will not see any posts or pictures.

      I am the same, I actually don’t use Facebook apart from closed groups.


  6. Angela Jones says:

    Hi Kate
    I am forever grateful to have found 5-2 WOE, I recovered it by accident doing research to help myself, I have several health issues and take some quite nasty meds, I also cannot exercise, have begged my health care workers to suggest a diet to help me lose weight, I am not particularly obease just ,at the time 3.5 stone over weight, time and again I was told don’t waste money on diet clubs I will not be able to lose weight, just eat a healthy diet. Then I found 5-2, since then I have learned to not only eat more healthy but that I CAN lose weight, a stone gone so far, slowly yes but I am feeling the other benifts of intermittent fasting too. I have decovered a lost interest in cooking to the delight of my family and friends. Also the Facebook support group are just that! they are an amazing group and have helped me through one of the darkest times of my entire life.
    Angela Jones.

  7. sallyann johnston says:

    I need help & advice on sensible weight loss and healthier eating as I have never dieted before in my life x x

  8. Fiona K says:

    I’ve not been very successful doing this. I don’t seem to have the willpower on the “fast” days. I last till about 4pm and typically end up breaking my diet.

  9. Meegan says:

    Hi! I have been listening to all your podcasts as my husband and I are about to embark on our first 5-2 week this coming week! I’m super excited that I can plan my fasting days around work and social commitments! Thanks for sharing your diary entries with us all. Since starting your podcasts, I have subconiously stopped snacking/grazing which has been awesome already.
    Can’t wait to get started!!