The Dirty Diet – ditch the guilt, love your food

The news is out – my next non-fiction book is called The Dirty Diet: ditch the guilt, love your food – and it’s about eating the foods you love, not feeling guilty about grains or downbeat about dairy, and using the latest scientific research to reach and maintain your perfect weight.


I’ve never aimed for ‘perfect’ – and that’s what’s always stressed me out about the idea of ‘clean eating’ – apart from the fact I’d fear that it would taste of disinfectant. So dirty is a tongue-in-cheek title that really embraces how I feel about food – it should be pleasurable as well as nourishing, fun and unfussed with.

And, increasingly, we’re understanding how food that’s full of life – fresh from the farm, or bubbling away with friendly bacteria – supports almost all our body’s functions by nourishing the gut microbiome.



This new plan does encourage weight loss and maintenance, but in all the right ways.


It’s personalised, so you can work out your own goals, pace and also the emotional aspects of what food means to you.

I’m working with the inspirational dietitian Helen Phadnis who loves coffee as much as I do, has her own sourdough bread starter growing away in the kitchen, and even recommends cheese to her weight loss clients.

This takes all I’ve learned about the developing science of nutrition – including intermittent fasting/time-limited eating, and gut microbiome research – and turns it into a practical plan that  works for me and can work for anyone.

And it also involves my favourite foods – good bread, ripe cheese, strong coffee, fresh produce, potent pickles, strawberries and Greek yogurt – along with a really simple mix and match meal plan.

To read more about when the book is being published, see The Bookseller announcement – and to be the first to get more information about the plan,  pop over to and sign up.


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