Soul Fire


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It’s getting hotter on the Beach.

In the second book of the thrilling Soul Beach trilogy, passion burns.

The real world is all grey clouds and rain showers, but on Soul Beach – the most exclusive website there is – it’s scorching. Alice Forster’s sister was murdered, yet lives on by the tropical shores of an online limbo. But while Alice is determined to get closer to her sister’s killer – the killer is getting closer to Alice.

I’ve loved returning to the Beach for the second in this trilogy of thrillers. Whenever I write about this very strange paradise, I can feel the warmth of the sun on my back and the clear turquoise waters lapping against my skin. But below the surface, lost souls and deadly intentions are lurking. For Alice, the line between real life and the afterlife is blurring. And in both worlds, she is playing with fire.

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