The Starter Marriage

Weddings are wonderful – it’s the bit afterwards, the ‘to have and to hold, till death do us part’ that’s trickier.

No one goes into marriage thinking it’s something temporary but the trend of ‘starter marriages’ – short marriages which are outgrown, like starter homes – has grown over the last ten years or so. I wanted to write about how it feels to start over when you’re in your twenties or thirties and never expected to be single again.

My character, Tess, is devastated when her husband moves out. Her best friend persuades her to try a ‘divorce survival course’, a kind of boot camp for the broken-hearted… the men and women she meets there will change her life! Tess has a very rocky road to recovery but there are also lots of laughs along the way.  

Her divorce survival group is based on real courses that have helped thousands of people to heal after divorce. As an author, I was fascinated by the idea of these heartbroken people coming together to share their sorrows – it’s such an intense situation that I thought it would be the perfect subject for my second novel.

Of course, you can have your heart broken without being married and I wanted to write a book that was completely honest about the ups and downs of being dumped – or the guilt if you’re the one who’s done the dumping. I loved the old TV shows like Cold Feet and Friends where people’s stories were interconnected and in The Starter Marriage we see the different characters as they embark on their new lives…

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