Soul Beach

People are dying to get here…
When Alice Forster receives an email from her dead sister she assumes it must be a sick practical joke. But then it has details that only her sister would know. And shortly after, Alice receives an invitation to the virtual world of Soul Beach, an idyllic online paradise of sun, sea and sand where Alice can finally talk to her sister again – and discover a new world of friendships, secrets and maybe even love . . . .  But why is Soul Beach only inhabited by the young, the beautiful and the dead? Who really murdered her sister, Megan Forster? And could Alice be next?

Soul Beach is my first trilogy for teen readers – and if you’re not a teenager but enjoy a murder mystery with a dark edge and a romantic twist, you might enjoy it too.

I didn’t set out specifically to write for a new age group. It was the idea – and the central character of 16-year-old Alice – that led me towards the Young Adult bookshelves. I’m a huge fan of writers who specialise in the teen and pre-teen age group: there’s truly innovative and exciting fiction galore there, with writers like Jenny Downham, Keren David, Marcus Sedgwick, Jenny Valentine and Nicola Morgan leading the way.

I’m proud – and quite daunted – to be joining them with the Soul Beach trilogy: the first novel is out in the UK in September 2010, with Germany, Holland, South Korea and other counties to follow soon after that.

There’s a dedicated website for the trilogy, – right now you can find an excerpt there but there’ll be plenty more as we near the publication date!