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March news + how to stay calm

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If you’re anything like me, it can be hard to step away from online news and forums. But this month I am making an effort to do exactly that – so I thought I’d share my strategies for staying sane in scary times. It’s something I’ve researched a lot, both personally and professionally. I’ve written about anxiety and depression, as well as experiencing both, so I hope these ideas might be helpful for you, or maybe someone you know?
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Meet Eva Carter

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Medical themed contemporary love story How to Save a Life by Eva Carter sold to Ballantine, Mantle, Rowohlt, Mondadori
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The House Share – read the 1st chapters

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I’m thrilled to reveal the jacket for my next Kate Helm novel, The House Share. We’ve all had awful house-shares – but what if your dream home really was to die for? The book’s out in May 2020 but you …
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August 2018 – counting the days

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My Kate Helm thriller The Secrets You Hide

It’s been a very long time coming, but my ‘debut’ thriller, The Secrets You Hide, is almost ready to be published. I went to the Theakstons Crime Festival in Harrogate posing with my new tote bag, featuring the gorgeous cover …
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Manjus – a podcast about food and courage

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As you may know if you read any of my recipe books, I’m a massive foodie, and Brighton is the very best place to enjoy such a range of cuisines. So when Manju’s opened down the road from me, I …
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Top 10 Veggie & Vegan food in Brighton

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Brighton & Hove is veggie heaven. From great-value takeaways, to a pioneering wholefoods store, and high-end gourmet cuisine, plant-focused eaters never need to go hungry down here on the south coast. Here are my veggie must-visits.
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3 ways to meet deadlines without FREAKING OUT

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It’s the end of the first month of January – and I have not given up booze, dairy or moaning. I didn’t even bother trying. But I did – as you’ll know if you’ve downloaded my guide to having a fab …
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Roll on 2017 – 5 dazzling ways to welcome the new year


How are you feeling about the new year? For lots of people I know – and for me – it’s roll on 2017 after a year that could best be described as absolute pants… (ahem) mixed.

For the last decade, I’ve spent a few hours at ‘Twixtmas’ reviewing my year, and making plans for the new one. I love the ritual, but this year I’ve had mixed feelings. Like many people, I reckon I’ve had my fill on 2016. Yet as I got stuck in, I realised even my regrets – I’ve had a few – help me see what I want more on in the new year.

Get those fireworks ready… Here’s how to shake off the bad times, and let the good times roll…
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