Meet Eva Carter

For the last six weeks, I’ve been keeping a secret (which I really struggle to do) but finally, the news is out. I have a new book on the way – and another new identity!

How to Save a Life – a love story about heroes

Meet Eva Carter… celebrating
publication news in London
Photo by Rowan Coleman

The book is called How to Save a Life and it’s a contemporary love story, spanning 18 years. People (OK, my agent) have said it’s like One Day meets the amazing memoir This is Going to Hurt and that gives you a flavour of the story…

Coming soon…

The novel has been sold so far to four fantastic publishers after a very exciting few weeks!

Look! They’re talking about my book! Eva Carter is me…
How to Save a Life is set in and around Brighton, where I live

The first editor I spoke to was Hilary Rubin Teeman at Ballantine in New York – she published One Day in December, another book I love. And she knew exactly what I was trying to do in my novel.

And a week later, I was lucky enough to meet my editorial match in the wonderful Sam Humphreys at Mantle. She’s published incredible books like Miss You and The Man Who Didn’t Call and the whole team were so full of ideas and enthusiasm. In Germany, I am going to be published by Rowohlt, who publish Jojo Moyes no less, and in Italy, by Mondadori.

I couldn’t have got through the last few weeks with my nails intact without my agents, Hellie Ogden in the UK and Allison Hunter in the US.

If you love Grey’s Anatomy or medical memoirs (as I do),
How to Save a Life could be the perfect novel for you!

Publication won’t be until 2021 because that’s how long it takes for a book to come out these days! But I’ll be writing about the whole creative and publication process, including the personal drama that kicked it off, why I’m using a new name for the book, and more… For all the news, plus competitions and extracts, join my free book club – guaranteed spam-free…

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